1. You can send us pictures or videos.
  2. You can send us to your customers projects to take before and/ or after pictures and videos. 
  3. You can give us your feedback or suggest a post.
  4. You can send us your own pictures or videos of your day to day working at the store.
  5. You can share anything relevant.

The website is active and will constantly be changing and improving.
Here you will find pictures of our products in the gallery section. These will not have prices for now just pictures and descriptions.
Your managers will send which products are to be prioritized for upload, you can ask them to include any you'd like.

There is also an outlet section for material that has not sold for a long time.
Those will be made into a package deal, very cheap for a fixed price.

Additionally, there is an appointment and builders tab for walk-in & people who have accounts. Customers will be directed to the store closest to them or of their choice. In the case of a builder, if they have products they are constantly purchasing and want to view their products on the website, they will have to register an online account. We will then coordinate a meeting to have their selection uploaded. Feel free to send us a text about scheduling a meeting.

The website stock will come from the stores and will be invoiced and treated like any other interstore sale. You will be updated on marketing events such as raffles or special promos. 

As you know this is a new endeavor that we are happy to embark on with you and we would like to thank you for your collaboration.
Do not hesitate to reach out.